Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Internet marketing companies

Realtors learned a lot from the July 2008 Yahoo Internet marketing companies study.
#1: TWO agents were selected, on average, before home buyers made their final selection.
#2: 40% of home buyers say the realtor's website increased their trust in the agent.
#3: 74% of home buyers used a search engine to reach an agent's website.
#4: 12 HOURS is the average amount of time spent looking for a realtor online.
#5: 75% of home buyers chose an agent within 1 week of starting their search.
#6: 45% of home buyers used the Internet to learn about new agents they had never heard of.
#7: 41% of home buyers took advantage of a special deal or promotion offered by an agent.
In a nutshell, real estate agents need Internet marketing companies and a comprehensive Internet marketing companies strategy. With 80% of all home buyers browsing the Internet for homes (compared to just 34% browsing print publications), it makes sense to spend extra dollars improving one's website.
The successful realtor will have a blog, will publish professional articles, will list in the MLS and will make use of affiliate marketing to drum up business, despite the economic crisis. A savvy realtor will go over and beyond to sell houses – throwing in promotional perks, cutting costs, advising clients on finance and providing more local information on their sites. Enlisting the help of experienced Internet marketing companies can give business a jumpstart, while freeing up time to go sell those houses!